Monday, 30 January 2012

problem with cio tester (4.5)

at test 4.5 says this

Test 4.5: console.edit() deleting chars : Hit Del key twice and then
hit ENTER to test!

and I do that but it gives me an error saying this

    - console.edit() does not have correct value for its data:
Shoule be:ABCD
 Value is:ABCDE
      FAILED, hit any key to continue

even though I have ABCD and not ABCDE!!!!!

any ideas?????


  1. I think you are the one asked same question from Fardad yesterday...??

    Check your delete logic is right, then I think, somehow your string is get reset back before it leaves from edit function. So more focus on where ever you reset your string...

    I'll be school and will be in the Tel building open lab from 1:30pm to 2:30PM. If you come you can meet me there. I'm Deva (near end of last class I was sitting on your front).

    1. oh yea right I found the problem!!
      I still don't who you are but thanks!!!!