Tuesday, 3 April 2012

R0.3-R0.6 is done!

So far we managed to complete (with testing) R0.3-R0.6.However, we are  encountering a big Problem in R0.7! test7CMenuItem crashes!! we stayed up until 1:00AM and all we managed to do is track were the problem is coming from. Somehow, for some reason, when the test reaches FD.draw() it crashes. now this draw is CDialog draw() and that draw() is calling Clabel draw() (like this label.draw(fn)). So Clabel draw() is calling console.display. but it crashes right before Clabel's draw is called! Weird!! We are speculating the the cause of the crashes is due to pointers, but really we are not sure since the error massage is useless!!!

Sooner or later we will find and solved!! Stupid compiler!

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